Three Reasons To Wear A Garter Belt

When you shop for a new high-end lingerie outfit, you'll see some sets that come with a garter belt and others that do not. If you have your eye on a lingerie set that doesn't have a garter belt with it, you can easily buy one that matches or complements the outfit. Garter belts come in lots of different styles, so it's a good idea to browse as many options as possible to find a look that suits you. If you haven't previously worn a garter belt as part of a lingerie outfit, there are several good reasons to use this garment.

Holds Your Stockings Up

The primary role of a garter belt is to hold your stockings up. If you're wearing stockings with your bra and panties, you'll want them to stay in place so that you aren't fussing with having to pull them up. You'll never have to worry about a stocking falling down when you wear a garter belt. You simply connect the clips that hang from the belt's straps to the tops of your stockings, adjust the straps as needed, and you can then feel confident that your stockings will remain in place.

Coverage For Your Midsection

The style of different garter belts can vary considerably. While some are small, others use a lot of fabric. You may feel that the latter style is a good choice for you if you wish to cover your midsection a little. For example, if you feel a bit self-conscious about the appearance of this part of your body, a garter belt can cover it enough that you can feel more confident when you're wearing your lingerie outfit. Confidence is important in the bedroom, and the boost of confidence you get from covering a part of your midsection with a garter belt can be something that you and your partner appreciate.

Sex Appeal

Don't overlook the fact that a garter belt adds a lot of sex appeal to any lingerie outfit. Even if the lingerie is sexy on its own, you can expect to excite your partner even more when you wear a garter belt. For example, you might enjoy teasing them by slowly getting dressed and clipping your belt's straps to your stockings — or perhaps getting undressed and slowly unclipping the straps from your stockings. Look online to find a high end designer women's lingerie retailer that sells a selection of garter belts.