Swaddling Blankets: What You're Looking For

What are swaddling blankets? Why invest in them? Where can you buy them? Learn more about swaddling blankets and how they can benefit you and your family here. 

What are swaddling blankets?

Swaddling blankets are special thin blankets designed to wrap or swaddle a baby to calm and soothe them. Swaddling blankets are often made of a lightweight and breathable material that makes for easy baby wrapping. A swaddle is intended to help calm a baby down, encourage sleep, and discourage rapid hand and leg movement so a baby can relax and enjoy their surroundings without scratching their face or being fussy.

It's believed by some that swaddles help to calm and soothe a baby because they mimic the close quarters and tightness a baby felt while in the womb. Since a baby doesn't have control of their bodies yet when they are very small, swaddling blankets can help calm constant arm and leg movement and help a fussy, nervous, or active baby calm down.

Why invest in swaddling blankets?

Swaddling blankets are very cost-effective and can be bought in several different colors and styles. They can also be used as burping blankets, nursing blankets, or just extra wrap blankets to keep a baby warm while they're in the bassinet or car seat. Extra large swaddles can be used in various ways and can even keep older kids warm and comfortable as needed.

Before investing in swaddling blankets, learn how to use them. There are several ways to swaddle a baby. Never leave a swaddled baby alone and only use swaddles when a baby will tolerate the wrap. Some babies don't like it, but can still benefit from using swaddling blankets as part of their regular baby blanket use.

Where can you buy swaddling blankets?

Swaddling blankets can be bought nearly anywhere, from online to your local baby boutique. All you have to do is pick your budget and your favorite style and you can buy swaddling blankets in a variety of styles, colors, and designs. You can also buy swaddles in bulk so you always have one on hand in your car, baby room, nursery, or even just in your home.

When buying swaddling blankets, choose smooth and light materials that are easy to work with. Cotton muslin is one of the most popular styles used in swaddling blankets, but you can also find them available in jersey and bamboo knits as well.

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