Comfort And Style: Choose Clothing That Offers Both

Do you ever feel like you must sacrifice style over comfort, or comfort over style? There are ways to have both -- dress in clothing that flatters your figure but also lets you breathe and be comfortable.

Looking for comfort but still want to wear something flattering?

Choose fabrics with stretch.

If you want to be comfortable, you can't go wrong with garments made from Lycra stretch fabric. Furthermore, the firm fit ensures you will look sleek and tight, creating a very flattering silhouette. Choose leggings, pants, skirts, and tops made from Lycra, which will move with you without bulk or restriction.

Find the perfect fit first.

The key to flattering attire is to find clothes that fit, which means trying them on. Even if you order apparel online, try it on when it arrives and return those items that do not fit you perfectly. You know you look good when your clothing fits properly, which in turn may boost self-esteem and give you confidence in your appearance.

Upgrade your undergarments.

Sometimes the most important clothing items are ones that you don't even see; invest in quality undergarments and underpinnings to wear under your favorite outfits. If you have not been measured for a bra, now is the time; most women are wearing the wrong size bra, which does nothing for comfort or style. Choose slips, camisoles, and shaping garments to help create a sleek, smooth look.

Invest in a simple shift dress.

For a cute and comfortable dress, you can't go wrong with a simple shift dress; these are typically a loose-fitting, tee-style dress made from a quality fabric. Consider looking for styles made from breathable fabrics, like cotton, bamboo, and linen, for fresh style that is easy to care for.

Layering can help.

Another way to add comfort and look great in your clothes is to layer. Layer t-shirts to hide a tummy or add a cardigan to create a longer look for shorter legs. Layering can help camouflage and conceal problem areas while also looking very trendy and stylish.

If you find a garment that you fall in love with but it doesn't fit quite right, consider tailoring these favorite pieces to fit and flatter your figure. The cost is relatively low when you consider how much more use and wear you will get from your newly-tailored garments.

Don't sacrifice your sense of style in the name of comfortable clothing. Try these tips to choose ensembles and outfits that are easy to wear, but that also highlight your assets and flatter your figure. Visit online clothing retailers to find items for your wardrobe today!