Daughter Heading To Middle School? These Considerations Will Make Clothes Shopping Easy

If your daughter is like most who are entering middle school, she's excited about going shopping for new school clothes. But without a bit of planning, you may end up buying stuff that she can't wear to school or that ends up never being worn for some other reason. Here are three considerations to make when shopping for school clothes to ensure the purchases are a success.

School Rules

Every school has their own specific dress code rules to follow, so it's important to get a copy of your daughter's handbook and study it before shopping for school clothes. The handbook should include information about how long skirts and shirt sleeves should be, and what types of logos or depictions are not permitted. Use the handbook to create a customized checklist you and your daughter can use when trying clothes on to ensure that they conform to the school's rules. That way everything you buy for your daughter can be worn at school and won't end up sitting in the closet all year.


It's also important to think about staining when you help your daughter pick out new school clothes. Chances are that between breaks, art class, physical education, and other activities in school, stains will develop on lighter colored clothing. So encourage your child to stay away from white clothing and instead focus on darker options such as blue, green, purple, and black. You'll spend less time trying to get stains out throughout the school year and save yourself some money because you won't have to replace ruined items.

Growth Spurts

Another consideration to make is how much your daughter will grow throughout the school year. If you don't want to end up having to buy more clothes halfway through the year due to growth, consider having your daughter choose a few pieces of clothing that are a half size larger than what they wear currently. This will give them a little breathing room and allow them to grow into their clothing so you don't have to continuously buy new stuff. Your daughter can accessorize with belts and vests to make the clothes that you purchase in a bigger size fit better until they grow into them.

These tips and tricks should make it easy to help your daughter choose clothes she can enjoy wearing all year long without breaking the bank or breaking any school rules. When you're ready to go shopping, bring your checklist and check out retailers like Jubee Mack.