Do Not Apologize For Wearing Fur: The Reality Of A Natural, Safe And Necessary Industry

Fur coats have long been seen as a symbol of luxury and wealth. Fashion designers have recently begun adding more fur to their runways shows as the material has gained popularity. Wearing fur is not without controversy, because of the fact of what it is made from. However, there are some very good reasons why fur wearers should not be ashamed. It is a much more practical product than many believe and it that has many environmental benefits.

Fur is warm and durable.

There is a reason Inuit and other native tribes have historically worn fur clothing. It is the warmest material available and it is as easy to make into pants as it is coats, hats and mittens. In addition, it is durable. When cared for properly, fur can last for decades. Even once a coat has reached the end of its life, the undamaged sections of the fur can be repurposed into gloves, accents for other clothing and many other items as well.

It is a natural, biodegradable product.

Fur is a natural product that is renewable and biodegradable. There are some chemicals needed to process fur to make it safe and keep it from falling apart, but the material itself does not need to be manufactured. It is also able to be acceptably warm without requiring numerous fillers that will also need to be manufactured.

It promotes small industry.

While there are fur farms, a lot of fur is provided by individual trappers who live in remote areas. The fur they sell is one of the few ways people in these locations are able to earn a living. Many farms are also family-run small businesses that provide valuable jobs to the towns where they are located.

It prevents overpopulation and eliminates invasive species.

Trapping and hunting are sports that are continuously under fire from protesters. However, most wildlife officials fight for the right to continue these activities because they know its benefits. Overpopulation is a real risk that will lead to the suffering of many animals. Another concern is with invasive species. These animals will destroy the environments they have invaded if they are not eliminated. The fur industry is able to make use of a product that would have gone to waste otherwise.  

Despite its image as a luxury product, fur is useful for more than looking good when walking down the red carpet. It is a versatile material that pairs as well with denim as it does with silk. Despite the moral issues some have with the fur industry, there is very little difference between fur, leather or food that comes from animal farms. People who admire fur and enjoy the softness, warmth and luxurious feel of it, should feel comfortable about rewarding themselves with any fur coat or accessory. Visit local fur vendors, such as A Furrier - David Appel Furs, for more information.