Three Ways To Make Your Flight Home Comfortable After Medical Tourism

Going out of the country for medical tourism is common, because other western countries may offer similar medical services but at a lower price on some procedures. If you are going to be leaving the country for a medical procedure, it is important to prepare for the surgery and for your healing afterward. Another big event that you need to prepare for is your plane ride home after the surgery and initial healing. Here are three ways you can make your trip home more comfortable after a surgical procedure. 

Get wheelchair service 

Wheelchair service is typically ordered through your airline when you purchase your flight ticket. If you purchase a round trip ticket, you may need to get wheelchair service for both the departure and the arrival flight. Be sure to order this service, as walking through the airport after your surgery can be taxing. This will provide you with counter-to-seat wheelchair service. When you purchase your ticket, be sure to make note of any instructions for layovers if your ticket requires a stop anywhere.

Purchase two travel pillows for flying

If you have a plane ride that will be several hours or more, you will need to make sure that you invest in comfort. Even if you do elect to upgrade to first or business class, some seats are still lacking in padding and support. Purchase a travel pillow for flying that will provide your neck with support as you sit up or recline during your flight. Along with a neck pillow, you also want a travel pillow that you can sit on. A pillow that looks like a doughnut will prop up your bottom and protect you from any pressure that the hard seats normally place on your lower half. 

Wear easy to slide on clothing

Depending on the type of surgery that you get, you may be required to wear compression garments underneath your clothing. If possible, purchase compression garments that have snap or velcro bottoms so that it is easy to maneuver if you have to go to the restroom while on the plane. Over your compression garment, you should wear sweatpants, a loose button-up shirt, and a zip up hoodie. You should also wear slide-on shoes so that they are easy to wear in countries that require you to remove shoes when going through airport security. Wearing easily removable clothing will help you get comfortable without having to do much lifting or struggling with garments.