Recent Trends In Jeans

Originally the domain of cowboys and miners, jeans were created in the 1870's for rough outdoor work. In the years since, they have become a classic wardrobe staple. Jeans are worn around the world and have changed a lot from the versions that were worn in the nineteenth century. Every year manufacturers in the US work to create new and interesting varieties of this classic. Here are three trends that have been gaining in popularity in recent years. 

Made In America

One trend that is really picking up steam has nothing to do with the style of the jeans. It has everything to do with where they are made. Jeans made in America are becoming more and more in demand. American-made denim is a great way to celebrate the fashion legacy of this type of garment. After all, jeans were created in the US! There are also many other reasons why American-made jeans are in demand. Manufacturing in the US ensures that the profits from these jeans go back into the US economy. Whether it's high fashion or work jeans, that "made in the USA" tag is more attractive than ever. If you want to make sure you're getting authentic, American-made denim, be sure to shop at stores like All USA Clothing American Made Jeans.

Unisex Jeans

When jeans first came on the scene they were geared toward working men. More feminine silhouettes emerged around 80 years ago when the first jeans designed for women were released. One interesting trend is a movement toward more masculine-looking jeans for both sexes. For women, these jeans are often referred to as "boyfriend jeans." Jeans that can be easily worn by both men and women are certainly gaining popularity and can be paired with any accessory to make them look more feminine or masculine.

Distressed Denim

Since jeans have their roots in working-class Americans, it's not a surprise that distressed denim goes in and out of popularity. Distressed jeans hearken back to the days when jeans were worn to get dirty. Now, instead of going outside and wearing a pair of jeans to get the distressed look, jeans can be bought pre-distressed. Jeans with rips, patches, and faded denim are often combined with nice shirts and accessories to create a look that is a mix of high and low fashion. 

Jeans are certainly one of the most recognizable pieces of clothing in the world. Even though they are a classic, jeans continue to evolve.