Finding The Right Men's Latin Dance Wear

Latin dance is all about expression, precision and rhythm. However, even with skill, a Latin dancer is only as good as they look in their dance wear. Make sure your dance wear is complimentary. If you're new to world of Latin dance and looking for new wear, here are just some of the factors you want to keep in mind.  

Style Appeal

Latin moves are all about spunk, flash and flare. Make your dance wear speak this language with a little fringe. Great compliments to your moves are a pair of fringe-lined pants or even a shirt with fringe on the sleeves. In addition to adding to the style appeal of your attire, fringe helps showcase and highlight your movements on the dance floor. If you're in a competition, this can be helpful in making you stand out to the judges.


Material is very important when selecting quality dance wear. You want options that are breathable and flexible. While dancing, you can build up a great deal of sweat. Cotton is an excellent option because it is highly absorbent, preventing you from feeling wet while also keeping you cooler. In terms of movable fabrics, you don't want materials that feel stiff. Spandex is an excellent choice since it is highly flexible and conforms to your body's movements. Ideally, you want to choose selections that are combination of these materials.  


When you're out on the dance floor showing off your moves, this isn't the time for loose or ill-fitting clothing. All quality dance wear should also be well-fitting. Whether it's slacks and a button down shirt or a full body suit, you want to ensure that it fits your body well, almost like a glove. Similar to fringe, the better your clothing fits, the better your body movements will be highlighted and the better your dance moves can be showcased.


Latin moves are already over the top and exaggerated so when it comes to color, less is often more. Bright or loud colors, such as neon orange, can sometimes be distracting. This may cause other people to focus more on your brightly colored wardrobe than your moves. While this isn't to say you can't wear any color, it's best to focus on small pops of color, such as colored trim or colored sequence. Dark, rich tones like black and purple are bold and classy without being overbearing.

Whether you're looking for dance wear for a competition or recreational dance, make sure you are keeping both style and comfort in mind. For more information, contact professionals like Randall Designs.