Tips For Caring For Your Leather Racing Jacket

Riding a motorcycle can be a thrilling way to travel. However, it can expose you to a number of risks and weather extremes, which makes it critical for you to have the appropriate gear. To this end, a leather racing jacket is designed to help protect you from the elements as well as offer some protection in the event of an accident. However, these jackets can be rather expensive, which makes it important for you to take good care of them. These three tips will help you to avoid some common mistakes people make when it comes to these jackets.

Protect The Interior Of The Jacket Against Sweat

When you are wearing your racing jacket on a warm day, you may produce a lot of sweat that can absorb through the interior lining to reach the leather underneath. Eventually, the salt crystals produced by the sweat will cause the leather to become stiff and brittle.

Fortunately, it is possible to coat the interior of the jacket with a treatment that can help to remove salt these crystals from your jacket. These salt-removing treatments are usually applied by spraying them on the interior of the jacket every few months.

Clean The Leather

While riding your motorcycle, it is possible for dirt, dust and other contaminants to accumulate on the exterior of your leather jacket. These substances can cause your jacket to become dull. Fortunately, you can easily remove these substances by cleaning the jacket with a leather shampoo. When applying these substances, you will want to lather them into the leather as well as you can before wiping them away. Due to the harmful effects water can have on your leather, these cleaning solutions are designed to be rinse-free.

Regularly Apply Leather Moisturizer

The intense heat and light from the sun can quickly dry out your leather jacket. In addition to causing it to appear faded, this can also make it more susceptible to cracking and peeling. To avoid these issues, you will need to apply a leather moisturizer whenever you notice the leather starting to feel too dry. You can buy racing jacket moisturizers at most motorcycle apparel stores. These moisturizers will help to replenish the natural oils of the leather, which will keep it flexible and keep its colors looking vibrant. When applying these moisturizers, you will simply apply some of the moisturizer to a cloth before vigorously rubbing it into the leather. Allow the leather several hours before wearing it outside to prevent this treatment from evaporating before the leather absorbs it.