Makeup Tips For A Great Cocktail Party Look

If you're headed to a formal event, holiday party or charity gala, finding a sensational cocktail dress is just one aspect of putting together an alluring "after five" look. Your makeup also needs to look sensational and sexy. However, the same makeup that you wear to the office every day won't be nearly dramatic enough to wear with your cocktail dress.    

Tips for great cocktail party makeup

1. Use a foundation primer. To achieve that flawless look of the Hollywood stars, apply foundation primer underneath your regular foundation. Just as paint primer smooths imperfections on a wall before you apply the finish coat, a foundation primer evens your skin tone and helps to mask any flaws without looking heavy and unnatural.

2. Let your mascara dry between layers. To get a wide-eyed, long-lashed look, apply one coat of mascara and then let it dry completely for several minutes. Then, apply a second layer. Instead of blending together, the second layer will sit atop the first, making your lashes appear longer.

3. Don't neglect your brows. Skinny, wimpy brows are out; commanding, dramatic brows are in. Make sure that your brows are filled in with a brow gel or by making small wispy strokes with a brow pencil. You can even add just a hint of sparkly mauve eye shadow for a more festive look.

4. Use lip liner...all over your lips. Lip liner is great for defining your lips and keeping your lip color from traveling up those fine, vertical lines. However, lip liner can also be a big help in making your lipstick stay on longer. To do this, outline your lips as usual and then completely fill in your lips with the liner. Apply your lipstick over the liner and blot. For a more shimmering look, you can apply a neutral lip gloss on top.

5. Hold your mirror at arm's length. Your dramatic party look can seem like too much makeup when viewed in harsh light at close range. See what your fellow party-goers will see by holding your mirror well away from your face.

Creating your own dramatic cocktail party makeup look doesn't have to be a daunting task. Simply, add a little drama, make sure your face is smooth and subtle by using a foundation primer and check your results at arm's length so that you'll see watch your fellow party guests will be seeing.