Work Pant Buying Tips

If you work outdoors, you know that your work pants need to be durable. You also probably want them to look good, especially if you also meet with clients, since you don't want to be wearing stained, smelly, or badly worn work pants. The following guide can help you choose the best pants for your needs.

Tip #1: Choose the Right Fit

You generally have three choices when it comes to fit—classic, relaxed, and slim. For general purpose work wear, classic fit is fine. These slightly roomy pants give you room to comfortably move without a lot of loose fabric. Relaxed fit is a better option if you need to squat down or climb around on your hands and knees quite a bit. These are a little loser up top so your movements are less constrictive. Slim fit is best if you work around equipment or materials where loose fabric can become entangled, posing a hazard. Just make sure the legs are still wide enough to go over your work boots, or wear the boots over the pants.

Tip #2: Fabric Options

Denim and cotton duck are often the preferred options for heavy-duty work wear because they are durable and easy to patch. Duck is also resistant to snags and mildly fire resistant. There are also a variety of synthetic blends to consider for specialty applications. For example, you may need a pant fabric with a higher fire-resistance rating, which means you will need to look at a synthetic or a synthetic blend. If you work outside in the cold, pants lined with poly-fleece or Merino wool may be a better choice.

Tip #3: Check the Seams

All seams on work pants need to be at least double stitched and reinforced. The same goes for the corners of pockets, where tears are much more likely to occur. Another thing to look for is extra reinforcement around the knees. Some work pants, especially those meant for heavy use, double up the fabric on the knees. This information should be listed on the product page if you are shopping for work pants online.

Tip #4: Special Extras

You may also need a few extras, depending on your job. For example, fabric with anti-microbial properties are available that will cut down on odor. This can be a major boon if you meet with clients. Stain-resistant fabrics and treatments are other extras you may want to consider. If you work in wet conditions, consider opting for water-resistant pants or those made from a quick-drying synthetic material.

Keep these tips in mind and look for work pants for sale online.