Motorcycle Apparel: Gearing Yourself Up For Motorcycling

When you picture riding a motorcycle, do you fancy yourself more Speed Racer or Sons of Anarchy? Even if you prefer the freedom represented by the motorcycle club in the Sons of Anarchy, the two types of bikers have a lot in common. Any kind of motorcycle rider needs to gear up to stay safe on the open road. Gear up appropriately to keep yourself safe while riding a motorcycle.

Moto Jacket

The iconic look for any kind of motorcycle rider is the jacket. This isn't just for style – skidding along the road even at a low speed can abrade the skin right off. Leather is the standard protective material. When looking for fit, make sure the jacket fits wells but feels comfortable over even bulkier tops. Likewise, the arms should be long enough to completely cover your wrists. To protect you during inclement weather, look for double or even triple stitching. Finally, the most protective motorcycle jackets have body armor integrated into the elbows, back and shoulders.


A common area for injuries in bikers is the lower leg because of the hundreds of pounds of bike that could potentially fall on your limb. That's why boots are essential protective gear. Not only should your boots be made from sturdy leather, they should be waterproof as well. Likewise, look for styles above ankle height. On the flip side, don't get work boots with metal toe caps. In some instances these can offer an extra layer of protection. With enough force in an accident, though, they can actually do more damage to your toes.


The protective elements for your hands are different than for boots. First of all, gloves can't be so thick that they impede the control you have in your hands. Idefinitely Wild suggests finding a pair with articulated hand armor and palm sliders. The latter actually slides along the road, helping prevent wrist fractures. For winter riding, look for gloves with insulating fabrics such as Gortex. As with moto jackets, gloves need solid double stitching. Likewise, not only should they extend over the sleeves of your jacket, they should feature straps to keep them in place.


Trousers can be an optional piece of equipment because some bikers prefer to strap motorcycle chaps over their jeans. Others opt for full moto trousers. If choosing the latter, the principles are similar as for your jacket. Look for a pair that fits comfortably but snugly. Also, select a thick leather with double or triple stitching. Check any zippers – not only should they not lie against the skin, but they should be protected by a strip of leather.

Protect yourself while riding the free roads on your motorcycle with the proper apparel. To learn more, contact a company like American Biker Apparel