Mermaid Tails For Swimming: A Guide For New Users

The mystical stories of the seal have contained tales of beautiful creatures known as mermaids for a long time. The idea that a half-human and half-fish creature may be a mythological creation, but it is definitely interesting to consider just how well a person could swim if their bottom half were actually a fish tail. With mermaid tail swimsuits, you can actually slip on a fin and see what this is like yourself. Mermaid tails for swimming are actually stretchy, spandex-lined lower-body covers that have a fin attached at the base that can be used in the water to push the waves back and forth for added propelling power. Here are a few of the biggest questions prospective customers usually have about mermaid tails for swimming. 

Can you use a mermaid tail swimsuit in a pool?

Mermaid tail swimsuits are fine to use in pools, in spite of the chlorine and conditioners that may be present. If the tail you purchase has a sparkly or iridescent material on the tail, you should be aware that the chemicals could compromise these features over time. Additionally, you should be careful about scraping the tail against concrete surfaces while you swim, such as the bottom or sides of the pool, because this could also compromise or damage the materials of the tail. 

How do you walk in a mermaid tail swimsuit?

The easy answer to this is you actually don't try to walk when you have the mermaid tail on. Most stores that carry these cool creations actually recommend that you slip on the tail when you are just getting ready to slip into the water. The base of the tail is quite snug and there are not usually places where you can stick your feet out to maintain your balance. Therefore, it is a safe choice to never try to walk with your tail on. 

Are mermaid tail swimsuits safe for children?

Mermaid tail swimsuits are a fun water playtime idea for children who are good swimmers only. These tails are not suitable for children who do not know how to swim well or are not old enough to understand the basics of staying safe in the water. Even if your child is an excellent swimmer, they should be accompanied by an adult in the water until they are comfortable swimming in the suit. If your child cannot swim, it is best to only allow them to wear the tail for dress-up or costume play. 

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