How To Properly Care For Men's Genuine Leather Cowboy Boots

Men's cowboy boots will never go out of style. There is something particularly sexy about a man walking around in a stylish pair of cowboy boots. When you purchase cowboy boots, it is always best to buy those made of genuine leather. They will last longer than imitation leather boots and give you many years of wear with proper care. These are the steps to take to keep men's leather boots in excellent condition longer.


The most important tip to know about cleaning leather boots is to NEVER put them directly in water or apply water directly to them. Over time, this can destroy the finish and may cause the leather to begin to crack and break.

Instead, brush any dry, loose mud or dirt off gently with a soft brush. Then wipe clean with a slightly damp cloth to remove any ground in dirt without damaging the leather.


After the boots have dried completely, apply a leather conditioner with a soft cloth. This should be applied gently to the entire leather surface of the boot. Use circular massaging movements as you apply it to ensure it goes into the pores of the leather to keep it soft and pliable.

A lanolin-based conditioner is best because it does not clog the pores in the leather like some oil based conditioners do. Allow the conditioner to air dry.


Leather boots that have a glossy finish can also be polished. Apply a cream polish to the boots to help fill in any scratches and make the finish glossy again. However, if your leather boots are suede, skip the polishing step. This will ruin suede boots and make them look dark and dull.


The final step in caring for genuine leather boots involves protecting them from water and stains. Apply a non-silicone water stain protectant to the leather surface of the boots. These are often available in liquid form, which can be applied with a soft cloth, or a spray-on form.

This protectant keeps damage from occurring to the leather during overexposure to rain or accidental spills. You can also apply the protectant to the outer soles and heels to protect them from water damage as well.

When you get genuine leather boots from a shop like Cowpokes, you want them to last—and with regular care, they can. These care steps also work just as well for other weather shoes, purses and jackets.